The project of the North Caucasus Branch of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin "About the City" emerged at the beginning of the period of social distancing and self-isolation

We invite you to become a guest of Vladikavkaz. Guests and residents share personal stories about the city, priceless memories of interesting encounters and events. Thanks to them, we got a series of stories that are incorporated into a vivid, emotional picture. In them, the city of Vladikavkaz appears as it is, and as we would like to see it.

Participants of the online project "PRO GOROD":
Elena Tsvetaeva - Kaliningrad (Russia)
Fedor Telkov - Yekaterinburg (Russia)
Jamilya Dagirova - Makhachkala (Russia)
Onno Dirker - The Hague (Holland)
Sabina Shikhlinskaya - Baku (Azerbaijan)
Khaled Hafez - Cairo (Egypt)
Sergey Katran - Moscow (Russia)
Dmitry Pilikin - St. Petersburg (Russia)
Max Epstein - Tel Aviv (Israel)
Zaurek Tsugaev - Grozny (Russia)
Mohamed Saleh - Cairo (Egypt)

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