Asya Zaslavskaya – artist.

d.o.b. in 1998, lives and works in Moscow.

Graduated from the Restoration School, studies at the Moscow Architectural School «MARSH». Participant of the Forum of Young Artists of the North Caucasus «ART Kavkaz NEXT» in Vladikavkaz.

The works of Asya Zaslavskaya are often the result of reflection on various existential issues. Participation in the Forum of Young Artists of the North Caucasus "ART Kavkaz NEXT" had a great influence on the themes of Zaslavskaya's works, after which the artist began to work with the cultural heritage and customs of the Caucasus (especially Ossetia and Chechnya), contributing to the destruction of existing stereotypes about these regions.

She participated in the group projects «Co-author», New Wing of the Gogol House, Moscow (2016), in the exhibition project «Alanica. Experimental Method», North Caucasus Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Vladikavkaz (2016), «Others», Center for Contemporary Art, Grozny (2017), «HZ», Vera Pogodina Gallery, Moscow (2017), «We don’t know what it was and how it will end», Vera Pogodina Gallery, Moscow (2019), «RAYON.0», the Moscow Museum (2019), «The Rooms/Komnaty», flatparty, Moscow (2019), «Ping-Pong Ball», Workshops and Art Residency «Garage», Moscow (2020). Participant of the Workshops and Art Residency programs at the Garage Museum, Moscow (2019–2020) and the Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2020).

Her works are in the collection of the National Center for Contemporary Art and private collections.

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