Yesim Agaoglu – photographer, author of poetry books, art books, videos, installation

Yesim Agaoglu was born in Istanbul.

Studied in Istanbul University, Department Of Archaeology and Art History. Got a master’s degree in Istanbul University, Faculty of Communications, Department of  Radio-TV-Cinema.

She has mainly works in literature, poetry and contemporary art fields. She has participated in many international and national group exhibitions, biennials, art festivals and various artist residency programmes with scholarships. And also had several solo exhibitions. In addition to galleries, her works have been exhibited in museums and institutions. Some of the countries where she has exhibited her works are Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and India.

She is on the side of simplicity technically and richness in terms of content and she gives equal importance to visuality and content in art. She also makes performative and participative installations by including the audience in her works. She sometimes prefers to exhibit her works in the streets and public places; outside of galleries and exhibitions.  

She has been producing works in areas like photography, art books and videos in addition to installation.  

She has published many poetry books both in Turkey and abroad and her poems, which have been published in various literature magazines since she was 18, are included in many anthologies and encyclopedias. Yesim Agaoglu, who has taken part in various national and international literature and poetry festivals, have been translated into many different foreign languages particularly English, German, Spanish and Russian.

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