The project proposed by Francisco Infante and Nonna Goryunova is a video projection directed at a slope in the Darial Gorge consisting of the main works of the artists.

Since the project is implemented in the evening, after sunset, it turns into the only light source deliberately organized and having no competition in terms of brightness with other light signals. Each image becomes a kind of screen, in which we discover our earthly reality hanging in weightlessness, breaking away from our planet like a satellite of the Earth. The artists, changing the coordinates of their projections, create a new map of celestial realities following their personal creative path, connecting our planet with space, expanding the territory of our habitat and making the dream of their youth come true.

Watching video installations by Francisco Infante and Nonna Goryunova, we discover a special point of view that allows us experiencing our world as if from the inside, extremely close, literally overturned on us. At these moments we are aware of the special responsibility for the universe, visually experiencing its direct connection with us, its fragility and helplessness.

The project uses 11 cycles created by artists at different times starting from 1992 (East Coast, Landscape Dictates, Close in the Distant, Through Stone, In the Sky-Clouds, Alpine Snow, Memory of Water, Strings, Metaphors of Moments, Light Spaces, By Nights) actually determining the completeness of their creative stand, linking the art geography of visual researches into a single whole - Central Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea coast and their native Moscow region. The duration of the session varies from 30 to 45 minutes.

The size of the projection is determined empirically, as a result of experiments with the surface, texture and geometry of the mountain.

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